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BOE America | A US Subsidiary of BOE Technology Group

BOE Tecnology America, Inc., or BOE America, is the US subsidiary of BOE Technology Group, the wrold's largest manufacturer of LCD and OLED displays.

BOE Technology America - Bringing BOE Innovation to the US

As a leading display manufacturer for over 30 years, BOE Technology Group continues bringing its revolutionary screen technologies to new global markets. Operating under the BOE America brand, BOE Technology America serves as the BOE Group’s US-based sales, marketing and service arm.

From its Cambridge, MA headquarters, BOE Technology America provides end-to-end support for BOE Group innovations as they enter the BOE US and broader BOE America markets. With extensive expertise in BOE display solutions, the BOE USA team helps device makers integrate BOE screens into products tailored for US consumers.

BOE Technologies America offers full sales and technical assistance across BOE Group’s wide portfolio of display technologies. Whether buyers need high-resolution OLED or LCD screens, ultra-slim Mini and Micro LED displays, or customized monitor panels, the BOE USA office stands ready to support integration into US-sold devices.

As an authorized representative of BOE Group in America, BOE Technology America also conducts US-based marketing and brand-building for BOE innovations. From promoting BOE Group displays at trade shows to driving adoption in booming categories like wearables and electric vehicles, BOE USA helps bring BOE Technologies’ global innovations to US buyers.

With operations spanning research, manufacturing, and sales, BOE Group provides seamless support for display integration in the US. By housing marketing, sales and technical expertise locally in America, BOE Technology America ensures swift delivery of BOE displays precisely tailored for US manufacturers.

As BOE Group continues introducing breakthroughs like foldable OLED screens, ultra-wide gaming monitors, and lightweight microLED panels globally, BOE Technology America helps bring these advances to device manufacturers across the BOE America territories.

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BOE Technology Group is at the heart of innovation and development in the display industry, creating technologies and solutions that make life-changing applications possible. BOE Technology America, a subsidiary of BOE Technology Group in USA, is committed to delivering an unrivaled  service tailored to the unique demands of the US and Canada.

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