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BOE OLED Display with 4th-Gen Under-Screen Camera

BOE is a leading OLED supplier with Under Screen Camera

BOE is the world's leading OLED supplier. BOE's OLED display and under-screen camera solutions have been used in many flagship phones.

BOE powers the Future as premier OLED Supplier

As global demand diversifies for high-performance OLED visuals spanning usage models and form factors, one leading supplier remains uniquely equipped to propel OLED innovation into the future – BOE Technology Group. Through vertical integration consolidating next-generation OLED R&D with sophisticated manufacturing logistics under one roof, BOE fuels consistent breakthroughs improving flexible and rigid OLED displays across segments.

Foremost, the company’s dominance as a premier OLED supplier worldwide signifies unmatched economies of scale and supply continuity advantages critical for consumer electronics brands eager to incorporate rich OLED displays. With two dedicated OLED megalabs each outputting over 100,000 sheets monthly plus five additional fabs underway, BOE promises the capacity for securing partner growth trajectories.

Additionally, the display titan pours tremendous resources into pioneering OLED systems R&D at dedicated technology centers to repeatedly shatter limitations. Recent advances in flexible OLED technology now enable displays wrapping, bending and rolling to inhabit previously impossible product enclosures and environments. So partners can stand out through bespoke high-performance OLED differentiation.

Yet outward-facing systemic innovation persists equally crucial as both OLED fab leader and preferred collaborative OLED supplier. BOE’s sophisticated manufacturing systems enable customized private label partnerships and accelerated concept-to-market timeframes so clients can integrate cutting-edge OLED displays tailored to unique application demands.

Frequently asked supplier partnership questions include:

What’s next for BOE’s industry-advancing OLED R&D?

Upcoming OLED milestones on BOE’s technology roadmap include foldable tablets, rollable TVs, transparent displays for augmented reality fusion, MicroLED manufacturing builds leveraging proven OLED production techniques and adjustable light transmittance foils for AR/VR optics.

Does BOE possess OLED expertise across industries as a leading supplier?

Yes, BOE leverages elite OLED engineering specifically for segments like television, mobile devices, automotive displays, wearables, artistic installations and more. OLED’s versatility continues unlocking new applications.

How can BOE ameliorate OLED supply chain uncertainty and shortages?

As one of few vertically integrated OLED suppliers consolidating the entire value chain in-house, BOE’s scale & agility supports overcoming volatile supply dynamics better than fragmented manufacturing chains. Strategic partnerships directly foster mutual growth.

Why should businesses choose BOE over alternate OLED sources?

Quite simply: BOE’s pooled expertise advancing high-performing OLED technology for over a decade - coupled with sophisticated in-house manufacturing control from initial concept to mass-production to private label flexibility - enables uniquely tailored win-win OLED supplier partnerships eclipsing the global display industry today.

At the crux of OLED’s commercial emergence reshaping digital interfaces, BOE pioneers the total supply chain through visionary R&D and responsive manufacturing. While pushing countless incremental advances annually, this industry spearhead also readies revolutionary flexible and transparent OLED derivatives once unfathomable. The future gleams vibrant with potential – ignite it yourself through BOE.

Nubia unveiled its new flagship phone, the Nubia Z50 Ultra, at a product launch event on March 7th. The phone features a 6.8-inch flexible OLED full-screen display supplied by BOE. This cutting-edge display features a DCI-P3 color gamut that exceeds 100% and has a resolution of 400PPI. The display also supports a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, providing a truly immersive visual experience.

One of the most significant features of the Nubia Z50 Ultra is BOE’s fourth-generation under-screen camera technology, which allows the front-facing camera to be placed under the display screen, eliminating the need for a camera hole in the original screen. Users can enjoy a new, all-around colorful display experience without any interruptions or distractions.

To optimize the spatial arrangement of pixels in the camera area, the phone uses BOE’s industry-first “one drive one” technology. This technology ensures that one pixel circuit drives one OLED pixel unit, increasing the amount of light entering the under-screen camera area while maintaining a high pixel density. The result is a high-resolution display with a clear and vivid image.

Additionally, the phone’s strong optical simulation capability and imaging algorithm enhance the circuit design, reduce light diffraction and glare, and significantly improve the imaging resolution. These features enable users to enjoy perfect display and shooting simultaneously, providing a truly immersive experience.

the Nubia Z50 Ultra also incorporates BOE’s newly developed blue diamond pixel arrangement, which optimizes the underlying logic architecture of pixel display. This optimization significantly reduces the subtle grainy feeling in the screen display, further upgrading the quality of the display.

OLED displays have a myriad of advantages over traditional display technologies. These include better energy efficiency, higher contrast ratios, and faster response times. As an OLED supplier, BOE leverages these strengths to offer screens that boast more flexibility in design — allowing for flexible or foldable displays that challenge the status quo of flat-screen dominance. BOE, standing tall as a leading OLED supplier, supply the world with some of the most advanced OLED displays on the market. We have been deeply involved in the OLED field for over ten years, with more than 28,000 related patent applications. We have enabled products with dynamic refresh LTPO, ultra-high-frequency PWM dimming , under-screen camera, under-screen fingerprint, and 3D touch. The Nubia Z50 Ultra is a testament to BOE’s expertise in flexible OLED display technology.

OLED, known for its superior display qualities, is coveted across industries. As an OLED supplier, BOE has positioned itself at the forefront of this revolution, delivering displays that offer unparalleled depth of color and true blacks. The commitment of BOE, as an OLED supplier, to excellence is reflected in every panel that leaves its state-of-the-art production lines. Alongside BOE, Samsung and LG are continually pushing the boundaries of OLED technology. Each OLED supplier brings its own strengths to the table.