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BOE Showcases Cutting-Edge Display Technology at CES 2024

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas, BOE made a striking appearance with its advanced display technologies and intelligent cockpit solutions. In collaboration with numerous top-tier global brands, BOE unveiled over 50 innovative products, offering an unparalleled tech feast to the industry and audiences worldwide.

Ranked among the “Top 10 Consumer Electronics Brands of 2023-2024”, BOE’s commitment to technological innovation has been recognized globally. The cutting-edge Oxide technology for vehicle cockpits won the “Innovative Display Product Gold Award for 2023-2024”.

Innovative Smart Vehicle Experiences

A highlight of CES 2024, BOE’s vehicle division showcased cutting-edge vehicle display products and intelligent cockpit solutions, including a 45-inch 9K Oxide Mini LED vehicle screen with a curved design, and a partnership with Geely for their all-electric flagship sedan featuring an 8K dashboard screen.

Ecosystem Empowerment: “Powered by BOE” Applications

In collaboration with international customers, BOE showcased over 50 trendy new products at CES 2024, powered by their high-refresh-rate screens, flexible OLEDs, and Mini LEDs. BOE has long-term partnership with brands like Samsung, LG, Hisense, Lenovo, HP, ASUS, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Continental Skyworth, and Konka. Dr. Gao Wenbao, President of BOE Technology Group, reflects on the company’s 30-year journey and envisions 2024 as a fresh start for BOE. Under the “Displays Empowering IoT” strategy, BOE aims to introduce more innovative products and services with partners.

Oxide LCD Technology

Showcasing the first 14.6-inch Oxide LCD monitor and a 3K resolution Oxide touch tablet, BOE’s Oxide technology offers high transparency, contrast, and color gamut, enhancing LCD quality across sizes from small smartphones to 110-inch TVs.

Flexible OLED Technology

The industry’s first rollable OLED notebook screen, offering flexible size adjustment and catering to various scenarios like entertainment, work, and creativity.

MLED Technology

A 27-inch 4K Mini LED monitor, leveraging Mini LED backlight technology for a million-level contrast ratio and wide color gamut, heralding a trend towards green, low-carbon displays.

32-Inch Light Field Naked-Eye 3D Display

With industry-leading 16K resolution and a retina-level 4K single-eye resolution, the display offering a flawless 3D display effect.

XR Mixed Reality Device

The XR mixed reality device offers dual-eye 4K resolution and virtual reality through spatial algorithm upgrades, enhancing experiences in cinema, gaming, exhibitions, education, and healthcare.

Looking Ahead: A Vision for a Connected World

Embracing the global trend towards a digital and intelligent lifestyle, BOE is committed to driving the digitalization of human life in all aspects, becoming a major winner at CES 2024. With the “Displays Empowering IoT” strategy, BOE is set to unleash youthful and vibrant innovation, partnering with diverse ecosystems to create a connected and visually rich future.