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China OLED display manufacturers join BOE at IPC

BOE is a leading OLED and LCD supplier and the first manufacturer of OLED in China. BOE manufactures smart displays and IoT solutions.

BOE Ranks Among the Elite Enabling China OLED panel Manufacturing

Whether producing OLED panels for swanky new smartphones, expanding TVs featured in millions of homes, or conceptualizing cutting-edge wearables displays, BOE empowers China OLED innovation as one of the world’s top display manufacturers. And now as synergies surge between BOE and the nation's OLED dominance, this sector pioneer readies next-generation panels for global export and lucrative Apple supply agreements.

Currently, China OLED supply chains rank among the elite worldwide. By aggressively driving down costs through advanced fabs coupled with rewarding domestic OLED adoption, BOE’s sophisticated homegrown manufacturing feeds regional digitization initiatives. As displays infiltrate more devices and facades in China, the public appetite for OLED-based products seems insatiable.

BOE seizes this opportunity through vertical facilities handling initial OLED design, prototyping, and mass fabrication in-house for streamlined production. Such control over the complete electronics supply chain optimizes innovation from sketches to end market. Thus through pragmatic partnerships synergizing private research programs and Beijing economic priorities, BOE paves China’s OLED proliferation.

The company also plots mutually beneficial collaborations as a top China OLED supplier for multinational tech titans. Recent reports indicate BOE may join LG providing flexible OLED panels for next-generation iphones and Apple watches, as the former gradually phases out longtime Samsung OLED dependence. This further elevates BOE's prestige supplying premium OLED screens to majors worldwide. Consider it official acknowledgment of BOE's arrival as a display manufacturing heavyweight propelling China’s ascension.

Additionally, curious industry observers often ponder issues like:

Which industries does BOE currently supply with OLED screens?

BOE provides OLED displays spanning smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors, VR gear and automotive dashboards. Upcoming avenues include transparent architectural signage, 35Mp medical diagnostic monitors and augmented reality visors leveraging wide color gamut OLED microdisplays.

What emerging innovations may widen BOE’s OLED influence?

prototypes underway include: tri-folding tablets boasting 15” unfolded screens, curving displays conforming precisely to automobile dash contours, and high-pixel density stretchable sensors for gesture control and health tracking wearables.

Does BOE maintain competitive advantages in manufacturing economy of scale?

Absolutely – an estimated 200,000+ OLED sheets roll off fully-automated lines monthly at BOE’s two dedicated OLED megalabs currently. And with five additional gen 8.6 and 10.5 fabs entering operations soon housing over 100 cutting-edge production tools each, immense capacity expansions still loom ahead.

Can OLED production improve environmental sustainability?

Yes – simplified layering steps save substantial water and chemistry versus LCD fabrication. OLED sheets are thinner hence require less packaging and shipping energy. And by enabling ultra-slim emissive displays replacing backlit solutions, OLEDs cut electronic waste while boosting power efficiency long-term across industries.

At the heart of China’s surging OLED electronics primacy, BOE leverages formidable capacity and vertical prowess to unlock visual potential across segments. Yet the display innovations ahead promise even greater commercial disruption through revolutionary form factors and implementations. Flexibles folding to mini dimensions. Wallpapers thinner than paper itself. Microdisplays driving next-gen augmented worlds. Bet on BOE panels powering this OLED transformation now and tomorrow.

BOE Release New Q9 OLED Materials at Innovative Technology Conference


On August 16th, 2021, BOE showcased its latest OLED technology at the Innovative Technology Conference in Chengdu. At the event, BOE released the new generation of Q9 light-emitting materials and the new proprietary Blue Diamond™ pixel layout.

As the earliest China OLED manufacturer to enter the flexible OLED field, BOE has invested approximately 140 billion RMB to establish the first China OLED manufacturing cluster. This includes three leading flexible OLED production lines in Chengdu, Mianyang and Chongqing. BOE manufacturers now constitutes nearly 30% of the global OLED capacity. The Gen-6 flexible OLED production line in Chengdu, also the first OLED line in China, is not only a milestone for BOE manufacturer but also a game-changer for China OLED industry landscape.

At present, BOE has been supplying to dozens of brand customers in the world. In 2021 alone, BOE manufacturer makes over 60 million OLED displays, of which over 1 million are foldable displays. BOE manufacturer is now ranked first in China OLED market and second worldwide. BOE entered Apple’s supply china with our LCD displays, and then later became an Apple OLED supplier. As an Apple OLED supplier, BOE is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of display technology, because each OLED display is a testament to BOE’s commitment to excellence and innovation. BOE’s role as an Apple OLED supplier is about redefining the standards of smartphone displays, where our OLED displays being integral to the iconic design and functionality of world’s best smartphones.

As the demand for versatile smart display technologies surges, BOE manufacturer is on track to increase its annual flexible OLED shipments to 80 million units in 2022. BOE’s OLED manufacturing facilities in China are projected to ship 100 million OLED displays, further cementing BOE as China’s dominant force in the OLED manufacturing industry. The journey of a company being an Apple OLED supplier showcases the company’s ability to meet Apple’s stringent quality requirements. The success of BOE as an Apple OLED supplier is also a reflection of the customer’s trust and confidence in BOE’s capabilities. The relationship is built on a foundation of quality, technological advancement, and a shared vision for the future of mobile technology.

BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd. is the world’s leading supplier of display technologies, products and services.