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BOE Ranked 11th in 2022 Top US Patent Assignees

On January 10, the 2022 annual statistical report released by the world-renowned patent service organization IFI Claims showed that BOE ranked 11th in the US patent assignees with 2,195 patents granted. It is the 5th consecutive year that BOE ranks among the global TOP20. Although facing industry-wide pressure and challenges in 2022, BOE demonstrates its continuous commitment to technological innovation in the display industry.

In 2021 alone, BOE has invested about 1.9 billion USD into research and development. BOE has created a “1+1+3” technological innovation platform, including a national engineering laboratory, an innovation headquarters, and three innovation centers in Beijing, Chengdu, and Hefei.

As of December 2022, BOE had accumulated over 80,000 patent applications, including over 28,000 on flexible OLED displays. In the meantime, BOE has been applying new technologies into processes and products, making frequent breakthroughs in LCD, OLED, MLED, quantum dot display, sensing, AIoT, and smart healthcare engineering. For example, this year we have released the world’s highest refresh rate (600Hz+) laptop display, the world’s largest (110″) naked-eye 3D TV, the world’s largest (17″) folding laptop, the world’s largest 8K OLED, the world’s first 55-inch 8K AMQLED, and the industry’s first LTPS P0.9 glass-based MLED.