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COB COG Super Fine pitch Direct View Mini LED | BOE

BOE COB and COG MLED Technology enables direct view mini LED video wall and backlight for LCD displays, delivering superb image quality and reliability.

pioneering COB MLED and Direct View LED Display Technology

As an established leader in next-generation display innovation, BOE is pioneering cutting-edge COB MLED and direct view LED solutions to shape the future of digital signage and visualization. With advanced R&D and production capabilities, BOE's COB MLED and direct view LED displays deliver unparalleled image quality, reliability and customization.

Optimized pixel Design with COB MLED

BOE leverages chip-on-board (COB) multi-chip LED packaging to produce industry-leading COB MLED displays. By eliminating wiring, BOE COB MLED technology enables smaller, brighter and more efficient LED lighting elements with higher intensity and consistency between LED pixels. BOE also pioneers active matrix COB MLED backplanes for enhanced driving precision. From indoor signage to stadium displays, BOE COB MLED innovation delivers next-generation digital canvas performance, flexibility and durability.

Lifelike Visualization with Direct View LED

Complementing its COB MLED portfolio, BOE producesgroundbreaking direct view LED panels featuring pixel pitches down to 0.5mm for visualization unmatched by traditional technologies. With intense brightness, extreme viewing angles and deep blacks, BOE direct view LED displays create life-like, seamlessly contiguous video walls for compelling commercial and events environments.

The Future of LED is Here

As a longstanding pioneer driving LED, LCD and OLED breakthroughs, BOE brings its 30+ years of R&D proficiency to reimagine LED digital signage. With manufacturing scale and technical expertise accelerating COB MLED and direct view LED innovation, BOE empowers partners to deliver next-generation LED visual engagement solutions. Discover where BOE’s industry-leading COB MLED and direct view LED display technology can unlock immersive new possibilities!


The Visionaries’ Choice for Cutting-Edge Displays

Super fine pitch

COB / COG packaging

AM driving

High brightness

Welcome to the world of cutting-edge display technology with our featured Chip-on-Board COB MLED and Chip-on-Glass COG MLED products, meticulously crafted for a multitude of applications. 

BOE is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of direct view LED, and our range of products showcases the pinnacle of COG and COB MLED technologies. From large-format direct view LED walls, to wearable and automotive displays, we also offer a versatile spectrum of COG and COB MLED backlight and displays. 

COG MLED and COB MLED are known to be the next generation technology for direct view LED displays. Currently COB MLED is gradually becoming main stream in the direct view LED industry, offering unparalleled clarity, durability, and energy efficiency. Each COB MLED cabinet is engineered to enhance the visual experience in direct view LED setups, providing superior contrast, brightness, and resolution compared to traditional direct view LED technologies. COB MLED and COG MLED will transform direct view LED displays into an immersive and vibrant viewing experience. The advancement in direct view LED technology, enabled by COG and COB MLED, is redefining what’s possible in the world of high-definition displays.

Whether you’re in consumer electronics, automotive, medical devices, or any industry where precision matters, our COG and COB MLED displays are designed to redefine visual experiences. Experience the future of display technology with BOE.

Featured products - COB & COG Direct View LED

TechnologyPixch (mm)Brightness (nit)Cabinet dimensions (mm)Module resolutionModule layout
COG0.931000(peak) 500(typ.)600*337.5*47160*1804*3
COB0.931000(peak) 500(typ.)600*337.5*39160*1804*3
COB1.251000(peak) 500(typ.)600*337.5*39120*904*3
COB1.561000(peak) 500(typ.)600*337.5*4196*1084*2

Featured products - SMD Direct View LED

TechnologyPixch (mm)Brightness (nit)LED chipCabinet dimensions (mm)Cabinet resolution
SMD, BTT1.2450-500SMD 1010576*324*28.6480*270
SMD, BTT1.5450-500SMD 1212576*324*28.6384*216
SMD, BTT1.8450-500SMD 1515576*324*28.6320*180
SMD, BTT2.4450-500SMD 1515576*324*28.6240*135

Featured products - LCD panel with MLED backlight