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BOE's micro OLED on silicon displays of 0.39" 0.49" 0.5" 0.71" 1.35" sizes and fast LTpS/LTpO LCDs are widely used in AR/VR devices like Meta Quest, pico, Qualcomm

BOE pioneers OLED on Silicon Displays

BOE Technology is an innovative leader in OLED on silicon display technology. As a renowned OLED on silicon manufacturer, BOE is pushing boundaries in high-resolution displays built directly onto silicon wafers.

With its substantial R&D capabilities and over 19,000 worldwide patents, BOE was an early pioneer in exploring OLED on silicon displays. In 2019, the company launched a revolutionary 0.39-inch, 5644 pixels per inch (ppi) OLED on silicon microdisplay. This record-breaking OLED on silicon display demonstrated BOE’s capabilities on next-generation display advances.

BOE’s OLED on silicon technology boasts higher resolutions, improved brightness, and better reliability compared to traditional OLED-based displays. By directly fabricating the OLED pixels onto silicon substrates, OLED on silicon displays can achieve ultra-high resolutions beyond typical OLED limitations. BOE’s 0.39-inch OLED on silicon microdisplay, for example, packs resolution 10 times greater than a 4K TV into a tiny form factor.

With vast production capacity across 10 LED and OLED manufacturing lines, BOE is uniquely positioned to commercialize OLED on silicon and bring its benefits to consumer devices. The company’s massive scale and vertical integration—from initial silicon processing to final display integration—give BOE unparalleled capabilities to manufacture OLED on silicon cost-effectively.

As both a leading display innovator and a top global OLED producer, BOE Technology has the resources and expertise to fully unlock OLED on silicon’s potential. The company continues researching OLED on silicon technology in formats from microdisplays to largescreen TVs. With future foldable devices and AR/VR products demanding ever-higher resolutions in smaller form factors, BOE’s advances in OLED on silicon will be crucial for next-generation displays.

For more on how BOE is pioneering record-breaking OLED on silicon displays and technologies, visit As a trailblazer in OLED on silicon displays, BOE is positioned to bring ultra-high resolution panels to consumers worldwide.

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BOE, a leader in advanced display technologies, is not only pioneering OLED on silicon for AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality) applications but is also excelling in the realm of fast LCD technology. This dual focus positions BOE at the forefront of display solutions, catering to the diverse needs of next-generation immersive experiences.

Fast LCD screens are designed with a focus on high refresh rates and rapid response times. This technology is particularly important in applications where the speed of the screen’s reaction to input and the smoothness of motion are critical. Some key features include high refresh rate ranging from 120Hz to 240Hz or even higher, rapid response time, reduced motion blur and compatibility with adaptive sync technology like NVIDIA G-Sync or AMD FreeSync. 

OLED on silicon is a cutting-edge display technology where OLED microdisplays are directly built on top of silicon chips. This integration allows for compact, high-resolution displays with exceptional color and contrast qualities. OLED on silicon is particularly suited for AR, VR, and MR applications, where size, weight, and image quality are critical. Additionally, OLED on silicon offers superior color contrast, faster response times, and wider viewing angles compared to other display technologies. BOE has been at the forefront of harnessing OLED on silicon technology. 

BOE has introduced a range of OLED on silicon products to the market, each designed to meet the specific needs of AR, VR, and MR users. These products stand out for their compact size, lightweight design, and exceptional image quality. BOE’s OLED on silicon displays have been instrumental in driving forward the capabilities of wearable technology in AR, VR, and MR, offering users a level of realism and immersion previously unattainable.

BOE breakthrough displays are designed to redefine the metaverse . At BOE we’re at the forefront of innovation, offering a range of cutting-edge fast LCD and OLED on silicon displays . Step into a future where boundaries disappear and possibilities expand with BOE.

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