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BOE presents frontier technologies with AI powered display products at 2024 SID, leading Green technology trend in the industry

On May 14th, US time, the International Display Week (SID Display Week 2024), known as the “Oscar” of the global display industry, grandly opened in San Jose, USA. As a leading company in the global semiconductor display industry, BOE brought more than 50 world-class and industry-leading innovative new products enabled by 3 major display technology brands of ADS Pro, f-OLED and α-MLED, as well as the new generation of […]

BOE Chairman Chen Yanshun is honored with the “David Sarnoff Industry Achievement Award” in SID 2024

On May 13th, U.S. time, on the eve of the opening of SID Display Week 2024, the SID Honors and Awards Banquet was grandly held in San Jose, USA. BOE Chairman Chen Yanshun was invited to attend and granted the 2024 “David Sarnoff Industry Achievement Award”, the highest personal honor for the global information display industry leader, from Paul Drzaic, Chairman of the Awards Committee. This award represents the industry’s high evaluation […]

BOE’s Cutting-Edge Display Technologies Unveiled at SID Display Week 2023

SID Display Week 2023

SID Display Week 2023 celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, while BOE is celebrating its 30th anniversary. BOE showcased a series of cutting-edge technologies for ADS Pro, f-OLED, and α-MLED, and novel products for various applications. During the week, BOE held the “Define the Future – BOE Innovation Ecosystem Forum,” sharing our vision and insights […]