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High Brightness/Contrast/Refresh-rate LCD - BOE ADS pro

BOE ADS pro LCDs, featuing super high brightness, contrast, refresh rate and color gamut, enpowers high-end TVs, gaming monitors and laptops.

BOE Advances Displays with ADS pro Technology

As a leading display innovator, BOE Technology has introduced several revolutionary technologies over its 30-year history. The company’s latest breakthrough comes in the form of BOE ADS pro, an advanced display technology engineered to boost image quality on LCD screens.

With wide-ranging expertise in display design and manufacturing, BOE is uniquely positioned to develop cutting-edge innovations like BOE ADS pro. By leveraging in-house R&D capabilities, BOE created the ADS pro technology specifically to enhance LCD performance in areas like contrast, viewing angles, power consumption and more.

ADS pro builds on BOE’s longstanding leadership in display technology by optimizing the LCD cell structure. BOE’s proprietary etching and stacking techniques allow higher transmittance through the BOE ADS pro LCD cells. This increased optical throughput substantially improves contrast, brightness and efficiency.

BOE ADS pro utilizes a breakthrough multi-dimensional electric field design for boosting viewing angles as well. By precisely controlling the electric fields within the LCD cell, BOE ADS pro maintains image quality and color accuracy even at wide viewing angles. This makes ADS pro well suited to large displays that viewers watch from multiple positions.

With BOE ADS pro technology integrated into LCD screens, users benefit from enhanced image quality, wider viewing angles, lower power draw and thinner form factors - ideal for today's sleek displays. As a leading supplier of high-performance LCDs, BOE plans to widely incorporate its BOE ADS pro technology into monitors, notebooks, tablets, TVs and more.

By leveraging its substantial manufacturing scale and technical capabilities, BOE Technology aims to broadly commercialize the BOE ADS pro technology across consumer displays. BOE ADS pro demonstrates the company’s sustained leadership in driving LCD innovation through advanced technologies created in house.

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ADS Pro display technology from BOE

BOE ADS Pro is our answer to the growing need for LCD displays with exceptional clarity, color accuracy, and viewing angle. BOE ADS Pro displays bring images to life with

  • Large format
  • High resolution
  • High refresh rate
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Anti-Glare and Anti-Reflection
  • Low carbon footprint
  • No image distortion at touch
  • Blue light and flicker reduction
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide color gamut